Close proximity to the market thanks to global networking

Calltrade highlights its global presence: Thanks to our broad network, we are permanently accessible at the main traffic hubs, enabling us to ensure fast and cost-efficient interconnections.

VoIP was simply regarded as a niche product just a few years ago. In the meantime, the technology has come of age and is now receiving increased attention from established carriers. And for good reason. After all, it offers attractive options that compensate for deficits in the TDM environment.


In the near future the market will be tasked with the further standardization of VoIP and the improvement of quality management and interoperability.

We are supporting this development with a hybrid network architecture that meets the requirements of any kind of traffic, regardless of network or protocol.

Our Interconnect partners select the technology and Interconnect features based on their current needs, and we make sure their wishes can be fulfilled – without restrictions on quality, profitability or capacity.